Hydrogen generators

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Hydrogen generators Nitrogen and oxygen generators

GALILEO Nitrogen generators

GALILEO Nitrogen generators use the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology to produce a continuous pure Nitrogen flow, already at working pressure with no need for further equipment, thanks to the integrated air compressor. 

GALILEO Nitrogen generators just need power and ambient air to produce pure nitrogen without the use of chemicals.  

GALILEO generators work in complete autonomy, producing only the requested amount of gas with no waste.

Hydrogen generators

Hydrogen generators

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GALILEO is available in four models with different flow rates and different purity levels, to satisfy every laboratory's need. One of the unique advantages of GALILEO generators is the modularity, which allows users to increase production in case of need, simply by adding one or more modules.

The Nitrogen gas produced by GALILEO is employed in different analysis, such as: GC, LCMS, ICP, thermal analysis and every other laboratory application which requires Nitrogen. Moreover, Nitrogen can be used as a carrier gas or for solvent blanketing.


ErreDue S.p.A. produces Nitrogen generators and Hydrogen generators, of all sizes and purity level as well as ancillary gas treatment systems valid for all applications in the thermal treatment of metals.

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  • Hydrogen generators Hydrogen generator for producing electricityLaboratory zero air generator,Gas generators for thermal treatment of metals,Nitrogen generators for laser cutting,Laboratory pure air generator, Industrial Nitrogen Hydrogen and oxygen generators, Industrial and Laboratory gas generators,Gas purifier,Electronic gas mixers,High purity nitrogen generators,Laboratory Hydrogen Nitrogen and oxygen generators

    Gas purifier,Nitrogen and oxygen generators,Oxygen generators,Hydrogen generator,Nitrogen generators,Laboratory gas generators,Hydrogen generators,High purity nitrogen generators,Pure air generatorsElectronic gas mixers