High purity nitrogen generators

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High purity nitrogen generators Laboratory gas generators

Laboratory gas generators

Erre Due Gas produces Hydrogen generators, a company operating in design, manufacture and sale of on site gas generators and required accessories for any specific application.


Our range of machines covers the needs of gas production for small laboratory needs and for large industrial companies, the versatility  and adaptability of our generators allows us to be the ideal partner for any production.



High purity nitrogen generators

High purity nitrogen generators

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Pure air generators


The Erredue air pure generators produces pure air without Hydrocarbons traces, Carbon dioxide and misture.


The dry compressed air filtered reactes via a catalyst in a contactor. The hydrocarbons present in air are deleted by the reaction via the catalyst. A next filtering via a rigenerating PSA system dries and purifies the air of carbon dioxyde. The outlet air reaches dew point of – 50 C with tracks of CO2—CO below 1.0 ppm.



Gas purifier

ERREDUE designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for gas purification, either produced by the generators, or from other sources.
The purification allows you to always have a secure and guaranteed quality of gas by ongoing monitoring of the process with PLC.

Gas purification allows you to recover and to reuse the process gases which are usually dispersed in the atmosphere, with big economy and fast amortization of the machine.

With such machines you can purify and reuse the following gases:

As for gas generators, also for the gas purifiers it is possible of RHA (remote help assistance) by a remote connection 'modem' to a 'service' remote monitoring with possibility of operations ON-LINE



High purity nitrogen generators

High purity nitrogen generators "SATURN"

ERREDUE’s HIGH PURITY nitrogen generators produce a continuous flow of “nitrogen gas” that is dry and oxygen free, directly from the filtration and separation of compressed air.

The idea behind this ErreDue new machine was born from hydrogen applications, in which ErreDue has extensive experience as an hydrogen generator manufacturer. The principle is to purify the nitrogen gas by adding a small amount of hydrogen (0.5-1%). Any nitrogen gas, supplied in cylinders, liquid tank or by generation, contains oxygen molecules as an impurity. The hydrogen molecules combine with oxygen molecules to be transformed into water by chemical reaction, the water vapour is then eliminated by a filtration device in the machine.


1. High Purity: up to 99.9999%.
2. Lower energy consumption and cost savings: only 3 cu.m. of compressed air to produce 1 cu.m. of nitrogen, you save 75% compared with traditional nitrogen generators.
3. Fully automatic, requiring minimal maintenance and eliminating the waste of time and the safety hazards associated with traditional high pressure gas supplies.
4. Advanced control: equipped with an advanced PLC control with intuitive graphical interface and Modbus remote communication options. The system is fully controlled by the latest generation OCS to ensure complete reliability. Gas production may be monitored and controlled by the remote operator, who can read the process tags of the system and intervene in the management of the remote machine
5. Modular design: allows the system to grow with your increasing nitrogen demands.
6. Ecology: no gas deliveries implies a lower carbon footprint that helps you achieve your environmental targets.

Hydrogen generators

Hydrogen generators Erre Due Gas generators produces Hydrogen and Oxygen perfectly separated

The ErreDue generator produces hydrogen and oxygen perfectly separated from each other using electrolytic dissociation of water molecule: the generator needs for its functioning only demineralized water and electricity supply.

The gas is produced directly at the required pressure (up to 30 bar) and with quality characteristics which make it for immediate use for most applications.

When gas is requested at very high purity quality a downstream purifying equipment, or integrated in the generator provides the right and needed features. The safety and, ecology, the guaranteed quality of produced gas and the low operating costs, along with many other features make it definitely a machine's cutting-edge technology
Nitrogen and oxygen generators

Nitrogen generators and oxygen generators operate with the principle ERREDUE PSA (pressure swing absorption) to produce a constant flow of nitrogen or oxygen from compressed air filtration: remind that air is composed of 78% nitrogen , for 20.8% of oxygen the rest by traces of other gases (argon, helium, hydrogen ...).

  • Nitrogen and oxygen generators

  • High purity nitrogen generators High purity nitrogen generators, Industrial and Laboratory gas generators,Gas generators for thermal treatment of metals,Laboratory pure air generator,Nitrogen generators for laser cutting, Industrial Nitrogen Hydrogen and oxygen generators,Gas purifier,Electronic gas mixers,Hydrogen generator for producing electricityLaboratory zero air generator,Laboratory Hydrogen Nitrogen and oxygen generators

    High purity nitrogen generators,Hydrogen generator,Gas purifier,Pure air generatorsElectronic gas mixers,Nitrogen generators,Oxygen generators,Laboratory gas generators,Nitrogen and oxygen generators,Hydrogen generators