Laboratory Oxygen generators

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Laboratory Oxygen generators Laboratory nitrogen generators

MERCURY Hydrogen and Oxygen generators

Mercury alkaline generators produce Hydrogen and Oxygen gases in two separate streams, through water electrolysis: for its functioning, the generator just needs a power supply and demineralized water.

  The gas is produced directly at the required pressure (up to 30 bar) and with quality characteristics which make it ideal for immediate use in most applications.

When the gas is requested with a very high purity, we can add to the equipment a purification system, which can be put downstream or integrated inside the machine.

Laboratory Oxygen generators

Laboratory Oxygen generators

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ErreDue's high purity Hydrogen generators can be remotely monitored by ErreDue's remote assistance service, with the possibility of ONLINE service.   Mercury Hydrogen generators can be fed by renewable energy sources, in order to be used as clean energy storage systems coupled with fuel cells.   Download Mercury brochure  


VENUS Nitrogen generators

Venus Nitrogen generators produce a continuous flow of pure nitrogen, thanks to PSA technology, which consists in filtering compressed air.
Venus generators are modular, and made of couples of columns filled with filtering material. This material is able to retain oxygen and other gases, letting nitrogen flow from the top of the column, directly at desired purity and pressure.
The peculiarity of this system is the automatic regeneration of the columns with a counterflow of gas, so that ordinary maintenance is really minimum.
The PLC control system with dedicated software, developed by ErreDue, automatically runs the main functions of the production process. A touchscreen display allows the user to monitor and change functioning parameters.
Venus Nitrogen generators produce Nitrogen with purity up to 99,9995% with flows up to hundreds of cubic meters per hour.


Download Venus brochure

SATURN High purity Nitrogen generators

ErreDue’s Saturn pure Nitrogen generators produce a continuous flow of oxygen-free nitrogen, with a very low dew point, through filtration and consequent purification of a compressed air stream.
The extremely high purity of the nitrogen gas produced by Saturn generators is reached thanks to the addition of a very small percentage of hydrogen (0.5-1%) produced onboard the generator. The consequent passage through a catalytic reactor and a molecular sieve guarantee the removal of oxygen, other gases and water traces.

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  • Laboratory Oxygen generators Industrial Nitrogen Hydrogen and oxygen generators,Gas purifier,Nitrogen generators for laser cutting,Laboratory pure air generator,High purity nitrogen generators,Gas generators for thermal treatment of metals,Hydrogen generator for producing electricityLaboratory zero air generator,Laboratory Hydrogen Nitrogen and oxygen generators, Industrial and Laboratory gas generators,Electronic gas mixers

    Oxygen generators,Hydrogen generators,Hydrogen generator,High purity nitrogen generators,Laboratory gas generators,Nitrogen generators,Nitrogen and oxygen generators,Pure air generatorsElectronic gas mixers,Gas purifier