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Gas purifier Electronic gas mixers

MARS Hydrogen generators

MARS Hydrogen generators use PEM technology (Proton Exchange Membrane) which allows the production of compressed, extremely pure Hydrogen without the need for external purification nor compression systems.


MARS Hydrogen generators are just fed by distilled water and electric current, no caustic solutions are used. Hydrogen produced by MARS generators is ideal for every laboratory application: as a carrier gas for GCFID/ GC-NPD/GC-TCD, as a reagent gas for GC-ELCD/GC-HALL, as a reaction gas for ICP-MS.


Moreover, the extreme purity of the Hydrogen gas produced by Mars generators makes it ideal for storage into metal hydrides canisters for use with fuel cells.

Gas purifier

Gas purifier

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MARS Hydrogen generators don't require any maintenance



NitroBOX is a compact and easy solution to produce pressurized Nitrogen directly where it's needed, for laser cutting and every other application where high purity Nitrogen is needed.

The high purity of Nitrogen produced by NitroBOX allows cutting stainless steel up to 20 mm thickness, with a sharp and shiny cut edge.


NitroBOX is designed and developed to allow a very quick and easy installation, in order to get on-site Nitrogen supply at desired pressure: a real Plug&Play system.

NitroBOX requires only compressed air (already present in your facility or produced with a compressor) and a power supply, with significant cost and time savings. Thanks to the PSA technology, Nitrogen is produced directly from ambient air, no chemicals required.

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